Teaching at Johnson College Prep

Noble is an amazing experience that truly challenges its staff to the core. Redesigning and refining best practice to meet the need of all learners pushes all instructors. Even though the experience is difficult, the rewards are endless, which makes the relationship reciprocal.”                                            

We invite you to join the effort to increase access to high-quality public education for students in Chicago by working for Johnson College Prep. All JCP staff members carry out a personal goal to positively impact the world and are rewarded every day by the achievements of students. If you want to “be noble,” and use your knowledge and talents to increase the potential for thousands of Chicago youth, then please explore opportunities to work for Johnson College Prep or another campus of Noble Street Charter School.

JCP offers our team members:

  • Freedom to hire the best instructors, regardless of credentials
  • Competitive and performance-based compensation
  • Data-driven network-wide professional development
  • Collaborative and supportive learning environment
  • Many opportunities for growth and leadership development
  • Greater flexibility over curriculum – we focus on results, not the process
  • Longer and more focused direct instructional time
  • A commitment to hiring a diverse workforce reflective of our diverse student body

Professional Development

One thing that makes JCP and Noble unique is our focus on data-driven, continuous improvement.  Four times per year, all Noble instructors come together for "Network PD" following quarterly student assessments.  Instructors meet in small groups organized by grade and subject area to discuss results, share best practices, and strategize for the upcoming quarter.  It is because of this collaborative process that Noble has been able to improve students' academic success as we have expanded.  More smart educators around the table sharing strategies = better student results.

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Hiring Process & Qualifications