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LiYana Baker Operations Specialist
Fredique Bautista Science Instructor
Brealyn Beals Math Instructor
Chiquita Beasley Culture Specialist
Myron Boyd Chorus Instructor
Courtlyn Boykin Math Instructor
Kyera Bradley Science Instructor
Matt Brown Principal
Tucker Brown Learning Specialist
Alicen Buder Science Instructor
Jonathan Busch STEM Instructor
Ennis Bynum Dean of Culture
Robin Callahan Assistant Dean of Students
Devlin Carey Reading Instructor
Macedonio Casas ROTC Instructor
Christopher Clarke Reading Instructor
Christine Combs Dean of Instruction
Colleen Counihan English Instructor
Angela Dade Enrollment Coordinator
Eric David Paraprofessional
Monica Dixon English Instructor
Keelan Donald Culture Specialist
Daniel Donovan Science Instructor
Tina Dragisic Science/Math Instructor
Katie Dudek Spanish Instructor
Dominique Fatoke Be Noble Instructor
Lauren Feldman Dean of Specialized Services
Wisam Fillo Reading Instructor
Melissa Flisk Alumni Coordinator
Brigid Flynn Learning Specialist
Giovanni Foster English Instructor
Amelia Gernand Reading Instructor
Stephen Gilbert PE Instructor
Daniel Gnidovic Social Work Intern
Angelica Gonzalez Alumni Coordinator
Kale Graham PE Instructor
John Greenfield Learning Specialist
DedErick Harris Learning Specialist
Tionna Haynes Learning Specialist
Celise Hernandez Assistant Dean of Students
Duvann Hopkins Paraprofessional
Christen Jamison Social Worker
Sabrina Johnson Operations Intern
Jane Kim Learning Specialist
Ann Klaus Dean of Instruction
Adam Lawson Paraprofessional
Peter Lee Art Instructor
Brittany Marshall Dean of Instruction
Jazlyn Martinez Math Instructor
Laura McKelvey Science Instructor
Pedro Mercado Facilities Specialist
Monica Meriweather Reading Instructor
Katherine Miller Learning Specialist
Latrise Muhammad Assistant Case Manager
Madison Netherton English Instructor
Sara Nichols Math Instructor
Tyesha Nickson Culture Specialist
Reginald Patrick Math Instructor
Julia Plewa Science Instructor
Don Polk Assistant Dean of Culture
Darius Presley Learning Specialist
Jasmin Price Paraprofessional
Zachary Quiggle English Instructor
British Reynolds Reading Instructor
Kelly Rojek Instructional College Counselor
Shanna Ross Social Worker
Hamza Salameh Math Instructor
Kate Sanders Dean of Students
Elise Scribano Spanish Instructor
Rory Sheahan Science Instructor
Jonathan Simpson PE Instructor
Kristen Singer Paraprofessional
Gregory Stegeman Assistant Principal
Ashley Terrell English Instructor
Rachel Terry Assistant Principal
Ronald Thomas Culture Specialist
Natalia Torres Assistant Principal
Eric Ward English Instructor
Jasmine Wesley Paraprofessional
Maurice Wise Building Engineer
Catherine Zimmer Instructional College Counselor