Core Programs

All programming at Johnson College Prep is designed to align with the Noble pillars of: Scholarship, Discipline & Honor.

To strengthen the academic potential of our scholars the Johnson College Prep campus:
  • Over 2,000 minutes of instructional time per week
  • A rigorous core of English, literature, math, science and social studies for all students
  • Summer college programs around the country
  • Extracurricular academic enrichment courses after school and on weekends include: Investment Club, STEM and various community service field trips.
To help build the culture fo the campus, Johnson College Prep campus offers:
  • A variety of athletics, including basketball, rugby, softball and track and field.
  • Student-led Town Hall presentations, which can address community issues or showcase student work in a school wide assembly.
  • Rigorous physical education program which includes fitness requirements to pass to the next grade
To help further the extent to which our students honor the community the Johnson College Prep campus offers:
  • A four year commitment to community service
  • Community service requirements to pass to the next grade
  • Town Halls in which the community is welcome
  • Clubs and co-curriculars that focus on bettering the community
  • Parent involvement during and after school
  • Awareness of the local and greater community built into academic classes

Advisory: Each student is assigned to a single-sex advisory group when they are a freshman. Students meet daily with this group and remain in the same group for all four years of high school. A caring adult advisor leads the group and holds each advisee accountable for their own success.

Big Groups: Johnson College Prep grade levels gather to celebrate achievements and to address important issues facing our school, our city, and our community. Big Groups are a required part of school. 

After-school Programming

Johnson College Prep offers several programs after school to supplement the educational day of our students. 

Teacher Office Hours: From 4:00pm - 5:00pm  after school our students can choose to attend office hours for individual teachers from Monday - Thursday.  Each teacher offers after school office hours at least one day per week and students can attend to receive additional instruction or help on specific assignments.

LaSalle: LaSalle is a program for all JCP scholars.  If a scholar does not satisfactorily complete their assigned homework and submitted by due date, the student will receive LaSalle from their teacher and be required to attend LaSalle for 1.25 hours after regular dismissal. LaSalle was created and implemented to reinforce that the student’s day is not over until everything due has been completed and if they have problems or questions on an assignment, they have the means to receive help.

Enrichment classes: Enrichment classes are offered throughout semester 1 and semester 2 and are usually non-traditional courses. These classes change semester to semester and students can gain enrichment credits through these classes, which are necessary for promotion from grade to grade. More information about enrichment classes can be found under the extracurricular activities tab.

Sports: Johnson College Prep offers different sports from fall to winter to spring.  Practices and games are often held after school and students must be in good academic standing to participate.  More information on Johnson College Prep’s sports programs can be found under the extracurricular activities tab.

Pre-College Seminar: Pre-College Seminar is designed to guide students through the research, application, financial planning and matriculation process for college. This course is modeled after college level instructional practices, in an effort to best to prepare students for college level studies. The class is dedicated to two things. First, the college research, application, and decision process. This includes creating a list of ten appropriately challenging and diversified colleges/ universities for which to apply to and completing college applications by December. By the end of the semester students should be able to identify their prospective colleges' graduation rate, average "out of pocket" cost, type of college (state university, research university, liberal arts college) and average ACT/ GPA accepted. Second, the financial aid process. Students are guided through the FAFSA as well as private scholarship research.

Spring semester is especially exciting as students receive their college acceptances and make their final decisions about where they will be matriculating to in the fall. Parents are a crucial part of the financial aid and decision process and are expected to play a active role in meeting deadlines and communicating with the college counselor, the student's advisor and the student about goals, questions and concerns they may have.

Johnson College Prep's Pre-College Seminar course is uniquely designed to assure students have all the resources and tools necessary to matriculate to and graduate from a four-year university/college. Proper preparation for the academic, financial, emotional and social demands of college is essential to realizing college graduation and opening the door of opportunity to all our students.