Noble Alumni Achievements

Noble Through College

Noble is dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to support our students in persisting and graduating from college. Through our Alumni Counselors, scholarship support, and consistent communication with our alumni, our students are graduating from college at three times the rate of a similar population nationwide. We are dedicated to ensuring that Noble sudents are not only prepared for college, but have all the skills and support they need to earn a college degree.

NOBLE’S Alumni & College Stats

• 8,300 alumni
• 100% college acceptance
• 91% college enrollment
• 86% persistence among college freshmen
• 84% first generation college students

College Success

Noble is making college a reality for low income students at rates that far exceed both national and district averages.


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JCP Highlights (Class of 2016)

• 100% college acceptance
• 79% four-year college enrollment
• Students attending numerous colleges across the country including some of the finest private and public universities like: University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign